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With our vast amount of contacts in the industry the Multi Build Solution Group teams up with designers, engineers, fabricators and contractors to facilitate some outstanding projects. Below is a summary of the main processes and key milestones for most projects.

Concept Development
Our concept development service helps you determine and articulate your project’s objectives and budget, and provides you with an estimate for getting the job done. This service also addresses any issues that may arise or should be vetted, including site lines and elevations, underground infrastructure, electrical lines, drainage, access and install considerations. We’ll also review the workable shapes that will optimize your design, and review any tendering and contract considerations.

The design of your new structure combines aesthetic appeal and functionality. In the design phase, we help you reconcile what will look good with what will work well. Determining the verified geometry, equilibrium, tension, foundation requirements, prevailing winds, building code specifications and product sourcing will ensure that your fabric structure stands the test of time. Likewise, sun mapping, orientation and modeling will give you an accurate representation of what your completed project will look and act like.

Approval/Final Engineering
This is the final phase before the actual construction of your fabric structure. Here, we’ll present you with a design calculation package that outlines the project in its entirety. The design package includes blueprints of the project, and information such as fabrication details, specifications, and testing protocols to fulfill engineering requirements as well as maintaining the structure’s integrity.

The fabrication component involves constructing the materials that will ultimately comprise your fabric structure. This includes developing instructions for the installation, and creating protocols for quality control and inspections. It also includes a review process for qualifying the specialty fabric, steel and cable constructors.

Here, all of the components in your fabric structure come together in a finished project. In addition to the physical construction, this phase also includes site inspection, staging area allocation, supervisor/progress reporting, and reviews of the safety plan, operation and maintenance manuals, and additional maintenance services. All of this helps to ensure that your fabric structure is aesthetically appealing, and above all, safe and secure.

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