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The dedication and efficiency of our in-house installation crews highlight the very core of our company!

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Through the years in the industry, Multibuild has developed an affinity with all types of fabric structures. Regardless of our involvement, we care about what we leave behind or find. To this end, we have maintained, repaired and replaced many structures at the end of their life span, while sometimes carrying them well beyond.

We start with an inspection and recommend a course of action. This course varies per building and ranges from re-tensioning to cleaning, to repair of damaged fabric, to partially replace panels/membranes or finally complete replacement of the fabric cover.

Our crews demonstrate workmanship and precision rarely found on any construction site, bringing the drawings of your facility to life. Regardless of site conditions, weather, or location, IFS installation crews strive to ensure that our scope of work meets or exceeds required deadlines.

“It is a ‘living, breathing entity’ that needs to be cared for.” (Jeff Gallagher).

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